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          The Distt. Registrar                                                         Date : 22.07.2022

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Sub : Starting of Election process for the next  three years 2022-2025.


 Dear sir,

          The executive committee has notified to all members vide circular SAWA/2022/003 dated 18.7.2022 about the membership register which shall be closed on 18th July, 2022 (copy of circular SAWA/2022/004 dated 25.7.2022 is enclosed).

          The latest membership list total numbering 225 (two hundred twenty five) members as per section 18 of the Haryana registration and regulation of society Act, 2012 is enclosed your records.

          The meeting of the executive members was held on 18-07-2022 shortly the executive meeting to finalize the Election schedule and shall approach you for your assistance and guidance.

AS a first step the membership of the association is now closed and with submission of the final copy to you, we request you kindly accept the same and approve.


                                       Thanking you,


Manoj Kumar


Sushant Arcade Welfare Association (Regd.)


Enclosures :-

  1. Consolidated list of Registered members of the association
  2. Copy of circular dated 25.7.2022 which was put on all notice boards/Website of SAWA of Sushant Shopping Arcade.